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Small Mouth Demon, the most original and entertaining crime fiction novel you will read this year, is now available to buy.

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A contemporary crime thriller that grabs you from the first page.


Hawk, dissolute advertising creative wunderkind, is given the project that might just save his career, rescue him from debt, and put him on the fast track back to human dignity. All he has to do is create the brand for FOCXI, a new crypto start-up, and help launch it to the world.

But the deeper he gets, the more Hawk has to wonder: is anything in the business actually what it seems?

This darkly comic novel takes you inside a world where cryptocurrency, greed, and ineptitude intersect.

Set against a sweltering New Zealand summer with an unforgettable cast of characters, viciously sharp dialogue, and fast-paced action, Small Mouth Demon is the most entertaining novel you’ll read this year.

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If you enjoy dark, comedic, original crime fiction, then you will love Small Mouth Demon.

“Laugh-out-loud funny.” - Paddy Richardson

“At last, an intelligent, engrossing thriller.” - Robin Bright

“Lies from start to finish. Expect to hear from our lawyers in the near future.” - Tad Rigby

Buy your copy today, and support a local writer seeking to further establish New Zealand as the new home of international crime fiction.

Small Mouth Demon is the first novel from an exciting new crime writing talent.

Matt Zwartz is freelance journalist and creative director based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Small Mouth Demon is his debut novel.

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Small Mouth Demon is already receiving critical praise.


Acclaimed New Zealand crime author Paddy Richardson reviewed Small Mouth Demon for NZ Booklovers and was full of praise for this wonderful debut novel.

“The writing is sparse, sleek, smart, the dialogue, vivid and alive. The plot hums along with twists which shock and surprise. The humour is wonderful; black, witty, and sharp. Alongside all of that, though, is a serious observation of greed and deceit within our society and, opposing that, the powerful importance of friendship, integrity and love.

“Small Mouth Demon pulsates with energy, humour and, sometimes, sadness. While the novel entertains and engages it also powerfully reveals the ugliness of corruption. As with the best crime novels, it draws the reader into a world in which both the best and worst of our humanity is laid open beneath a bright and unsparing light.”

Read the full review here.

You can also read an interview with the author explaining his inspiration and process here.

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